Private Labelling

Put your brand name on our ready-to-label products.


We are OEM/ODM manufacturers for many of the biggest brands across the world.

Custom Manufacturing

Have a custom requirement? We help clients design and manufacture new and creative products.

Product Development, Manufacturing & Production

Whether it be brainstorming ideas with our clients to help design and develop new and creative products or manufacturing and production, we provide one stop solution to our clients.

Research & Development

We have in house R&D experts who help develop new products for our clients.

Quality Control

Our in-house quality control team makes sure quality is never compromised.


Through our connections and research, we can make anything possible for you. If we cannot do it in-house, we are well connected in the industry and we work with you as your partner to connect dots and find solutions that best suit your needs. Our end goal is your success and therefore we want to work as your team.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 12 years of experience in the industry.
  • We have our own manufacturing facility with 80 employees.
  • Our team continuously seeks trends in the industry and supplies what the public seeks.
  • We brainstorm ideas with our clients and can help design new and creative products to capture the market trends.
  • Many international brands trust us and as their supplier we always make sure that we meet stringent quality standards.
  • We have in house R&D experts and quality control team.
  • Attention to quality and service at a competitive and reasonable price. We make sure quality is never compromised.